At Noray, we care about the planet and the people; that is why we consider sustainability to be one of our main pillars as a company, and our model to be fully efficient and environmentally responsible. Our goal is to contribute significantly to the development of sustainable aquaculture and the protection of the environment for present and future generations

We can proudly say that we are pioneers in Europe. Not only for being the first production company in the world to achieve 100% vertical integration of the production process, from spawning to consumption, but also for the superior quality of our shrimps.


Following years of investment in R&D, and as a result of the tenacity and perseverance of our team, we can proudly say that we are a benchmark for sustainable aquaculture in Europe. Thus, our R&D team works daily to contribute to the development of this area and collaborates on pioneering research projects with different universities.

In our facilities, we have faithfully recreated the natural habitat of the shrimps, always guaranteeing controlled farming, chemicals, sulphites and artificial colourings. 

In addition, our innovative sustainable aquaculture system guarantees the correct use of all resources throughout the entire production cycle, thus minimising emissions.

ASC Product


Our effort towards sustainability has been recognised with the ASC certification, making us the first indoor shrimps farm in the world to obtain this certification.

ASC is the only international certification and labelling standard for farmed seafood, in accordance with the ISEAL Alliance (International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling) and is administered following the guidelines of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). The conditions to obtain this certification require compliance with a series of sustainable and responsible commitments along the whole production process. 

The ASC logo recognises the company's commitment to responsible aquaculture and sustainability and guarantees good practices in terms of the environmental and social integrity of the product that bears it, distinguishing it as the best choice among farmed seafood products.

A recognition that proves our commitment to responsible aquaculture and sustainability and guarantees good practices in terms of the environmental and social integrity of the product that bears it.



In addition to optimising all production processes to benefit the environment, at Noray Seafood, we have gone one step further to complete the circular economy cycle, minimising our carbon footprint both in transport and packaging, as well as recycling our waste.

For this reason, our heated pools operate under a low energy consumption and ZERO waste water recycling system that reuses the water in the tanks so that they don’t discharge salty water into the environment—which would destroy the balance of the ecosystem—and the limited sludge generated in the cultivation process can be reused for agricultural fertilisers.

At Noray, we are also committed to closing the circular economy and sustainability cycle during transport and in the packaging process, using transparent PET trays—which are easier to reuse than traditional trays—made from recycled cellulose and a “Modified Atmosphere Packaging” system to lengthen the useful life of the product, without damaging its sensory qualities.  As for the shipments, stretched polyethylene (white cork) boxes have been replaced with insulated containers made from thermally recycled FSC-certified cardboard.

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