Chef Javi Estévez

INGREDIENTS (for 10 people)

• 100gr Chorizo

​​• 100gr Black pudding

• 100gr Chicken

• 100gr Bacon

• 100gr Beef black pudding

• Chives 50gr

• Red pepper 25gr

• Green pepper 25gr

• Tomato 100gr

• Chipotle cream 5 gr

• Mayonnaise20gr

• Noray shrimps 10units

• Lime

• Cilantro sprouts


• Brown the meats in the oven and cook them for 4 hours until tender.

• Temper, bone and chop in brunoise.

• Make a stir-fry sauce with the vegetables and tomato and mix with the chopped Ropa vieja. Cook 20 minutes.

• Cook a Noray peeled shrimp on the grill with a skewer, remove the skewer and reserve.

• Make a mayonnaise with the chipotle cream and reserve.

• Prepare the pico de gallo with onion, tomato and lime. Reserve.

• Brown a wheat tortilla on the grill, put the meat stew on top, then add the pico de gallo and finish with the chipotle mayonnaise, the Noray shrimp and coriander sprouts.


Chef Marc Segarra

INGREDIENTS (for 10 people)

 For the shrimps carpaccio:

 • 1 kg Noray shrimps

 For the pickle and carrot sticks: 

• 60gr of garlic clove

• 187gr of Olive Oil

• 187gr of leek

• 187gr of red onion

• 187gr of carrot

• 312gr of white wine

• 312gr of Chardonnay vinegar

• 4 units of chilli or bay leaf

• salt and pepper balls

 For the garlic oil: 

• Garlic  and Sunflower oil


 • Peel and devain the shrimps. Make bundles of 5 shrimps and make a carpaccio with the help of a vacuum bag and a saucepan.

• Cut the vegetables into julienne strips, the carrot into thicker sticks  and brown them all with olive oil, when they begin to be soft, add the wine and vinegar and cook for another 5 minutes and then let it cool.

• Infuse the garlic in the oil on the griddle grill for about 30 min.



 Ingredients needed:

• Coriander leaves

• Mint leaves

• Radish slices

• Sliced ​​jalapeño.

 Place the carpaccio on a plate and let it warm. Dress with the pickled liquid. Also place the carrot and red onion sticks so that they are well distributed throughout the carpaccio. Finish the presentation with the radish slices and the mint and coriander leaves. Heat the oil to 180ºc and put in a jar. At the table, once the dish is served, pour a little of the garlic oil over the carpaccio.


Chef Marc Segarra

INGREDIENTS (for 1 people)

 For the shrimps:

• 10 units of Noray shrimps

• 10 Basil leaves

• Brick pastry

• 2 Egg

For tartar sauce: 

• 150 gr of yogurt

• 120 gr of sunflower oil

• 20 gr of pickled capers

• 20 gr of chives

• 10 gr of chopped parsley

• ½ garlic clove without germ


• Cut the Brick pastry from 8cm to 10 cm.

• Shake the eggs.

• Peel the shrimps and devain them.

• On the brick pastry, place a shrimp tail and 1 basil leaf, then paint the egg and wrap it up on itself. • Chop the chives, cucumber, and capers in brunoise. Grate the garlic with the Microplane greater, add to the pickles and the chopped parsley.

• Make an emulsion with the yogurt by pouring in the sunflower oil as if it was a mayonnaise.

• Mix all the ingredients and add salt.


Fry in sunflower oil at 180Cº. Drain on paper and place on a plate accompanying the tartar sauce.


Chef Javi Aranda

INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)

• 12 cooked Noray shrimps

• 300 gr of bread crumbs

• 12 leaves of green shiso (or Green Cabbage)

• 1 Head of garlic

• 1 teaspoon of Pimentón de la Vera (Spanish paprika)

• 300 ml of Olive Oil

• 12 Leaves of Mint

• 12 Long Wooden Skewers

• Salt


Peel the NORAY shrimps leaving the head and tail intact. Put them in a wooden skewer from the tail to the head and reserve them in the fridge.

For the paprika oil:

Heat 300 ml of Olive Oil and add the teaspoon of Pimentón de la Vera. Fry. Strain with a strainer and help us with some kitchen paper to try to make the oil as clean as possible. Keep it in the fridge.

For the Paprika Crumb:

 Triturate 300gr of bread crumbs (with the help of Thermomix or mixer) and saute it with 50% of the Paprika Oil that we have previously made. Make sure that the crumb is not very greasy with the help of some kitchen paper. Reserve.

For the Black Garlic:

Peel the head of garlic, extracting the whole cloves. Blend them by adding a few drops of water to the blender and reserve it.

For the Paprika Mayonnaise:

• Pour an egg into a mixing glass with a pinch of salt. Assemble the mayonnaise with the paprika oil that we had left over. Help yourself with a mixer.

• Put NORAY shrimps on the grill and remove the skewers.


Arrange the shiso leaves on the plates. Add the paprika bread crumb. Add a point of garlic cream, a point of paprika mayonnaise and a mint leaf.

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